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Job Readiness

A primary purpose of ICBVI is to empower persons who are blind or visually impaired by providing vocational rehabilitation training, skills training and educational opportunities to achieve self fulfillment through quality employment and independent living.

We understand that each of our clients are unique, and that each individual’s vocational goals and their path toward employment will be very individualistic and distinctive. The Job Readiness course, through the Assessment and , focuses on providing students the tools and strategies necessary for them to achieve their own professional goals and aspirations.

Resume development, interviewing techniques and identifying job vacancies are skills that will be developed in Job Readiness class.  In addition, individuals may learn about the steps involved in starting their own business, or in becoming a vendor in the Business Enterprise Program, or how to apply for college or post secondary training of some sort.  Whatever their VR goal may be, students who participate in Job Readiness class will get a real head start towards accomplishing their objectives.

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