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In Braille class we provide instruction in beginning Braille, called Uncontracted Braille, and in more advanced Braille, or Contracted Braille.  Uncontracted Braille includes Braille alphabet letters, Braille numbers and a few common punctuation marks.  It is useful for brief personal notes, labeling, phone numbers, lists, etc.  Contracted Braille includes many Braille contractions or signs, which are similar to shorthand abbreviations in print.  Once all of the Braille signs are learned, the student works on increasing his/her reading speed.  Braille library books, textbooks and magazines are written in Contracted Braille.

We also teach Braille writing, both with a slate and stylus and with the Braille writer.  

In Braille class, students wear sleep shades so they will learn to read and write totally by touch.  We have found sleep shades to be a valuable learning tool in our training center.  

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