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Assessment and Training Center (ATC)

The Assessment and Training Center at the Idaho Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired provides training and skills that enable blind and visually impaired people to live, work and compete alongside their sighted peers.  We accomplish that by teaching clients non visual ways to perform everyday tasks, so that regardless of how well they can see at any given time, our clients will learn to function in a way that allows them to stay productive and competitive anytime, anywhere and under any conditions.  After completing the training in the ATC one client said “the ATC gave me my life back. Before I came to the center I would barely leave the house.  Now I go anywhere I want to.”   One of our Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors wrote about one of his clients who just completed the ATC: “I think we will see this young lady soar in her academic and professional career thanks to the start you have given her.”  Former ATC students have eventually gone on to work in all kinds of jobs such as teaching, small engine mechanic, custodian, cashier, restaurant owner, call center representative, receptionist, assistive technology specialist, woodworker and many more.


In order to help clients empower themselves with skills, confidence, and choices, the ATC offers the following classes: Orientation and Mobility, Computer Literacy and Assistive Technology, Activities of Daily Living, Braille, Industrial Arts, Job Readiness, Discussion class and Activity Days.  For a description of the classes and opportunities at the ATC, select any of these following links:


For clients who want to attend the center and who do not live in the Boise area, the ATC has a dormitory facility where they can stay for the duration of their training.  For a description of the dormitory facility, and the requirements to become an ATC student select from the following links:

Thank you for visiting the ATC portion of our website.  If you have any questions, please contact the ATC Program Manager.

Kevin Jernigan
Assessment and Training Center Program Manager
Idaho Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Phone: (208) 639-8397

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