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Discussion Class

Discussion class at the Assessment and Training Center is a time for discussion about blindness and topics related to blindness.  It is a chance to share thoughts and ideas about adjusting to blindness and how to deal with societal attitudes about blindness.  The class is facilitated by a different ATC instructor each month, or a student if they wish to bring up a specific topic and lead the discussion.  The class is held once a week for an hour and ten minutes, and it takes place during a different class period each time so clients don’t miss out on the same class each week.  Past discussions have focused on topics like creating opportunities, when to disclose blindness during a job search, the types of jobs a blind person may be able to do, quiet cars; are they a problem?, the merits of audible crosswalk signals, who should determine what a blind person can and can’t do, and all sorts of other topics that come up during the course of training in the ATC.  Discussion class is not intended to be counseling, or therapy, and there are no right, or wrong answers, only thoughts and opinions. 

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