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Industrial Arts Class

The Industrial Arts class is designed to build confidence. This is an integral part of the mission of the ICBVI in empowering individuals to achieve employment, independence, and integration into the community.

Those who participate in Industrial Arts class will have the opportunity to learn how to use various hand and power tools safely and effectively. These tools have no special adaptations or guards, in fact the only adaptive equipment used in class is the measuring devices.

Through the course of the curriculum students will learn some basic home repair, make a hardwood name sign, learn how to use adaptive measuring devices, and make a cutting board. After completion of these projects the students are given their choice of assignments, including designing and creating their own woodworking project, metalworking project, or learning about small engine repair and maintenance.

As students learn safe and effective techniques for using tools, their confidence in their abilities grows. They realize that tools can be used safely using non visual techniques. They learn that they can create wonderful and beautiful projects. Previous students have made projects ranging from simple jewelry boxes to elaborate furniture, to snowshoes and even canoes.

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