Rule Making Activity

Idaho Administrative Bulletin

Idaho Administrative Bulletin June 2, 2021 – Vol. 21-6:

2021-2022 ICBVI Rule Making Activity

The following describes rulemaking activity for submission before the Legislative Session 2022.

Date: June 2, 2021 Notice of Rulemaking – Zero Based Regulation

Vocational Rehabilitation Services – Docket No. 15-0202-2101 VR Notice of Rulemaking ZBR (MS Word)

Rules Governing the Independent Living Program – Docket No 15-0203-2101 IL Notice of Rulemaking ZBR (MS Word)

The purpose of this rule making activity is to combine the Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) and Independent Living (IL) Rule in to a new chapter entitled “Rules Governing the Rehabilitation Programs (Subchapters A and B). This rule making activity also:

  • Eliminates the requirement of a financial needs assessment under the VR program.

  • Removes redundant, unnecessary, and restrictive language.

VR_IL Draft Rule (MS Word)